In Good Faith

In Good FaithBuy the book!The Inside Story of Prudential-Bache's Multibillion-Dollar Scandal that Defrauded Thousands of Investors and Fractured the Rock (St. Martin's Press, 1995). How did the largest non-bank company in the world at the time 'The Rock' defraud a million investors of some $2 billion? And why does this type of story keep recurring in America? This report on sex, drugs, stocks & bonds was used by lawyers in their efforts to retrieve funds for their clients and hit the shelves just as 60 Minutes aired part of the story.

The Reviews:

"The biggest and sleaziest scam of them all suggests you shouldn't drop your guard. Sharp's book also looks at (why) eternal vigilance may also be the price of capitalism." The New York Times Book Review


"This shocking expose is a complex tale of corporate greed" Publishers Weekly


"Sharp's book gives an overall view of the tragedy as it unfolds...chilling." The Wall Street Journal