Kathleen is often asked to participate in, and/or consult on, film documentaries and movies related to Hollywood's storied history. She also comments on films tied to more contemporary issues, such as health-care. She has a few film projects in the works, including:


Blood Medicine (New Regency)

In progress, check back


Moguls and Movie Stars (TCM, 2011)

Moguls and Movie StarsThe rich history of Hollywood continues to fascinate the world and Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood is no exception. Executive produced by Bill Haber and his Tony Award-winning Ostar Productions, this ten-part series called aired on Turner Classic Movies in 2011. Working with producer/writer John Wilkman, Sharp was one of the consultants and on-camera interviewees for this excellent production.

Some of the reviewers' praise includes:

"Narrated with great flair and humor" Moguls includes footage from classic films and rarely-seen footage and photographs; ambitious." The Los Angeles Times


"Elegantly narrated by Christopher Plummer, (this series) is the cinematic equivalent of a coffee-table book, handsome." Daily Variety


The Last Mogul (ThinkFilm, 2005)

The Last MogulDirected by Barry Avrich and inspired by Sharp's book about Lew Wasserman, the late, great chairman of Universal Studios, this film documentary won raves at several film festivals (including the prestigious Palm Springs Film Festival), before it was released in theaters. It featured interviews with Sharp, the consulting producer, and many of her sources including the late Dominick Dunne, David Brown, President Jimmy Carter, Suzanne Pleshette and Helen Gurley Brown. You can still catch it on Bravo or Showtime. Or rent it on Netflix.


A sampling of reviewers' praise:

"The Last Mogul is a smart, well-paced documentary that balances the man's triumphs with his rare failures and discerningly explores the darker side of his power." The Los Angeles Times


"(A) refreshingly honest film about the life and times of Hollywood uber-power player Lew Wasserman; biographer Kathleen Sharp participates here, offering insights into Wasserman's offering insights into Wasserman's durable and socially brilliant wife." Daily Variety


A&E's American Justice

American JusticeThe Erin Brockovich Story on A&E was based on Sharp's very popular story for (one of its top ten for 2001). This tale revolves around one idea: What got left out of the blockbuster movie Erin Brockovich was juicier and more accurate than what got put into it.

Sharp has also appeared on dozens of television shows discussing the state of health care and her book Blood Feud, sports doping in America and her book Blood Medicine, and other contemporary issues for ABC News, C-Span, Book TV, KRON-TV 4 (San Francisco), KEYT-TV-3, and KING-TV and many others.